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Treadmill running is a good tool for using in bad weather or shortage of time to get to a proper place for running. Below is the simple advices for treadmill running.

  • There's no need to push-off 'cause it is not worthwhile on the treadmill.
  • Keep the body in an upright position. Try not to stoop ahead on the treadmill, it is not required for the belt of the treadmill is pulling our feet rearward.
  • Warm-up is very important before exercise on the treadmill. It should be of any comfortable speed and duration, however it is certainly lee intensive than your exercise.
  • Make your treadmill slope from 1 to 3 degrees to model the body leaning ahead in the over ground running.
  • Pull the foot straight up beneath the hip as ever the foot is below the body.
  • You should keep your knees bowed, never rectify them by yourself and thereafter do not allow the moving belt to straighten them too.
  • Try to put on the same thin soled shoes. You can run barefoot, in case if you have your own treadmill. In most gyms bootless running is forbidden.
  • Cool down is another vital part of a training session to decelerate all physiological and psychological functions to the standard rate. It should be five to ten minutes of easy running. If it is necessary, you may do some stretching or power exercises to help recover muscle decompression and power.

We hope this manual will help you successfully perfect your way of treadmill training.

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