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Treadmill running is a nice device for using in bad weather or shortage of time to get to a convenient place for running. Let us represent you the uncomplicated advices for treadmill running.

  • Pull the foot straight up below the hip as the foot is underneath the body.
  • Do not push-off because it is quite pointless on the treadmill.
  • Keep the body in a vertical position. You should not bend forward on the treadmill, it is not needed since the belt of the treadmill is dragging your feet rearward.
  • Put on the same shoes with thin sole. You can run bootlessly, if you have your own treadmill. In most gyms barefoot running is unpermitted.
  • Warm-up is essential before exercise on the treadmill. It might be of any comfortable duration and intensity, but it is certainly lee intensive than your training.
  • Make your treadmill slope nearly 1 to 3 degrees to simulate the body bending ahead in the over ground running.
  • Always keep your knees bowed, never straighten them by yourself and thereafter do not allow the moving belt to rectify them too.
  • Cool down is one more big part of training to slow down all psychological and physiological functions to the normal level. It can be five to ten minutes of relaxed running. If it is necessary, you should do some flexibility or strength training to help restore muscle strength and easing.

We hope this guidance will help you happily enhance your way of treadmill training.

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