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Here on web site we will give you the replies to some questions regarding massage and spa that you wish to ask, but may be too embarrassed to.

  • Am I supposed to tip my massage physician?

    If you are getting a massage treatment at a hotel or spa, a 15% to 20% tip is conventional if you were happy with the job. However, there are no practicable ground rules or criterions when massage is performed in a medical medical setting. If you're not certain, feel free to inquire if tipping is regular.

  • Should I take off my underclothing when I get a massage?

    Plenty of people prefer to keep their panties or shorts on during a massage procedure, while others wish to be totally nude. It will be your own decision. If you still decide to remove your underclothing, licensed massage therapist must ascertain that you are every time well covered by a towel or sheet. Only the zone which is being massaged should stay open.

  • Should I talk to the massage therapist throughout the massage session?

    Although some men and women wish to talk throughout the massage treatment, don't think that you have to make conversation with the massage therapist. Remember that you're having a medication and not visiting receptions or balls!

  • What if I get an erection in the course of the massage procedure?

    Soft touch administered to any zone of the body may activate the parasympathetic nerve and induce a full or partial erection. Authorized massage physician, no matter male or female, sees this and will ordinarily neglect it.

    You will definitely become revitalized, lively, more beautiful and attractive as ever you get Spa procedures. In the end, Spas are the superior way to pet yourself and restore the health of your body and mind. So dive into the variety of the Spa procedures and enter a wide new world of beauty and health right now!

    You can use the Internet to find massage parlors and anything else you need. Please visit this page to discover more about massage and spa.

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