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Certain skin care advices, such as drinking enough water, are now normal knowledge. Yet, now and again you hit upon a hundred-percent treasure - the wonderful, rarely-heard-before skincare advices. The sort of poorly known advice you haven't heard afore but wish anybody told you long time ago.

  • It is recommended to plaster a bit more sunscreen to the left side of your face and upper body. This is required due to the fact that we spend a good chunk of time in our cars. And when we are behind the wheel, the sun only gets on our left sides (for the citizens of UK and Australia it will be the right side, of course).
  • It is recommended not to utilize magnifying mirror. When we gaze at our pores up close, it can induce unnecessary idee fixe and, in many cases, lead to smacking, tearing and thrusting. Get rid of the magnifying mirror. Your skin, and your mind, will obviously thank you.
  • Try to always take a bluetooth headset for your cell phone. Just think of it. If your cell phone is soiled with makeup and oils during a lasting call, guess what passed to your face? The malicious bacteria that causes acne and skin irritation.
  • Never utilize a straw when drink. When you tighten your lips to drink from a straw, you're straining the same muscles which are stretched when smoking a cigarette. And finally, we all know how the wrinkles all over smokers' lips look like.

Correct skin care is significant if you're worried about your bodily aspect. Ill skin inclines to look dull and flavescent, whereas healthy skin seems flamboyant and full. By complying healthy habits, you will be able to fight the indications of aging and maintain your healthful and vigorous look.

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