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Definite skin care facts, e.g. drinking lots of water, are at present conventional knowledge. Nevertheless, from time to time you come to find out a simon-pure treasure - the fine, rarely-heard-before skincare facts. The kind of rarely-heard-before tip you haven't heard earlier but would like someone told you away back.

  • It is good to plaster some more sunscreen to the left side of your face and upper body. The reason is that we spend plenty of time in our cars. And when we are in the car, the sun always gets on our left sides (for Brits and Aussies it should be the right side, for sure).
  • Never take a straw when drink. Just as you shrink your lips to drink from a straw, you're forcing the same muscles which are used when smoking a cigarette. And after all, everybody knows what smokers' lips and the wrinkles about them look like.
  • Never use magnifying mirror. When we gaze at our pores that close, it can bring excessive idee fixe and, in many cases, lead to slapping, picking and shoving. Abandon the magnifying mirror. Your skin, as well as your mind, will certainly thank you.
  • It is good to have the use of a bluetooth headset for your mobile phone. Think about it. If your mobile phone is ridden with oils and makeup after a long call, guess what moved to your face? The malicious bacteria that causes acne.

Right skin care is very important if you're disquieted about your physical outward. Unwell skin tends to look faint and straw, just as healthy skin appears glaring and rich. By following healthy habits, you will be able to struggle with the indications of aging and maintain your healthy, fresh look.

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