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If you are going to go to spa for the first time - just relax. On this page we will help you to discover the basics.

  • Try to come leastways fifteen minutes before the start of massage session, more if you are going to enjoy such facilities as hot tubs and saunas.
  • Check in at the Check-In/Check-Out. You will be specified where your cabinet is and how it works. If they haven't afore supplied you slippers and wrapper, they will be inside.
  • Exchange and enjoy facilities which help you ease off for your treatment.
  • A hot shower prior to the massage procedure is certainly a nice decision. It is very important if you have had a bathing in the hot tub. You need to shower off the chlorine.
  • Attend the waiting room, which is at times called a meditation lounge, some few minutes before your massage treatment is scheduled to start.
  • The therapist will come and go with you to the procedure area.
  • In the massage area, the therapist will instruct you in how to lie down on the massage table - face up or down - and thereafter leave the premises.
  • You will take off your apparel and lie down under the sheet or towel. The physician will knock before coming in.
  • At the end of the massage session the therapeutist will leave the room as you put your bath robe back on, and stay outside until you step out.
  • You can come back to the waiting room to rest, or go on to your next therapy.

    You will certainly become revitalized, lively, more beautiful and appealing as ever you get Spa treatment. All in all, Spas are the best way to pet yourself and improve health of your body and mind. So go deeply into the plenty of the Spa services and enter a wide new kingdom of health and beauty right now!

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